May 1, 2013

Nursery Ideas

May 1, 2013

My husband loves to hunt and fish so I am going to do a modern lil buck themed nursery. I  found some cute ideas on Pinterest and decided the colors I want to use will be Grey, Turquoise/Mint, & Baby Blue. 

Daddy to be working hard;)

We were so excited to put the crib together!! He's so handy he did it so quick;) Cant wait until we have our dresser and start painting:)

Our crib is Baby Cashe- i got it brand new off craigslist for $300- a mom won it on the ellen degeneres show (mothers day special) and already had a crib so she sold it to me and they shipped it for free!! Nothing like a great deal saved us $250-. We are going to get our dresser from baby cash but we will use a coupon and were planning on using the same furniture for all of our babies(thats why we decided on a gender neutral style) we will redecorate for each baby but didnt want to have to buy new furniture for each one. 

I just loveee the crib its so cute!!


  1. Love your inspiration pictures :) I am obsessed with Pintrest and got many ideas when designing my baby girls nursery. Look forward to seeing pictures of the completed room!

  2. Thank you! I know!! I get all my ideas from pinterest! What would we do without it!? lol
    I will upload photos as soon as it is complete! Which hopefully wont be much longer!