November 25, 2015

What to have on hand in your medicine cabinet with babies, toddlers &children

We are a very natural family.. We dont take medicine unless we are on our  deathbed but it is good to have these items in case someone in your house does get sick especially the little ones we have all of these items so we are prepared some I have used some I just have just in case.. Its the worst thing ever when your little ones are sick especially when they are babies.. With our daughter being born during cold/ flu season We are all going to be taking extra doses of our probiotics/ vitamins/ greens...I recommend with the newborn to have nose Frida, gas drops and colic calm our son was colicky and had reflux it without these items I don't know how I could've survived. Here's a look inside her medicine cabinet notice there's very few un natural products I think we've only ever given our son Tylenol one time but I have it for emergencies..

What to pack in your hospital bag

So this time around I am so prepared and  already have my bags packed at 35 weeks... I had our son so fast I didnt want to take any chances of not being ready especially since everything is a little harder having a toddler around lol I definitely didnt over pack the last time and all the nurses were so impressed with everything I had brought with our son. I now know exactly what I need though and what I can do without from having our son. 
So heres my MUST haves for you first time mamas: 

Robe-( I could NOT WAIT to get that itchy hospital gown off.. Robes are soo comfy and allow easy access for nursing and skin to skin contact) 
Warm Socks/slippers- (the hospital is freezing & getting up barefoot on the cold floor is not ideal lol
Boyshorts- you will be bleeding for a couple weeks and this will be your best bet for keeping those huge granny pads in place..
Nursing bras/ tanks- makes it easier to get your boob out and at least your not braless when guests come in
Sweats / leggings/ tank- because lets be real you just gave birth & I doubt you will be ready for real clothes.. I know I wasn't & I left the hospital wearing yoga pants and felt so comfortable. 
Nipple cream& nursing pads- no matter who you are your nipples will be sore in the beginning from nursing & applying this cream in between feedings is a life savor.. Or you can just go with coconut oil one of my staples which also works great.
Pads/ panty liners- your literally just pushed a tiny human out of your vajayjay ok so you will be bleeding regardless if you had a c - section or vaginal birth there will be blood and it may last weeks I bought the large pads and some smaller panty liners to get me through the first month. The hospital will provide these but  its good to have some on hand too.
Tucks/ hemroid cream- from all of that pushing you may need some relief these work great and you will be so happy you had them on hand.
Numb Spray/ squirt bottle-(the hospital should provide these items make sure you ASK) you will need to spray you who ha with this spray to numb all the damage thats been done. It feels amazing and I cant imagine going without it.. The squirt bottle also helps clean you up down their everytime you go to the bathroom..
Additional Items I am also bringing/
Eye glasses (i wear contacts) , ipad, camera, iphone charger, essential oils for labor, makeup, hair stuff, all of my travel bathroom toiletrees. 

I use young living essential oils and love them! Not sure if I will diffuse them or just apply to my skin while in labor.

Here are some suggestions for Birth& Delivery Essential Oils

What to pack in your babies hospital bag

So this time around I am ready and from experience with our first baby I know what items are really necessary to have and which ones you can do without.
Items included in my baby girls bag are: 
Hospital outfit ( I am bringing several outfits only because it's winter in Florida and it could be hot or it could be cold and if she comes on Christmas I want to include a few Christmas outfits since I'm due 27 December)
Infanteenie Beenie (hospital hat) 
Swaddle Blankets (I use several brands some popular ones are aden&anais)
Warm blanket (blankets and beyond)
Boppy Pillow (helpful when breastfeeding)
Pacificers(I would not recommend introducing bottles or pacis until you have breastfeeding down.. Only bc it can cause issues with nipple confusion) I know how to breast-feed so I am definitely introducing the pacifier sooner as well as the bottle since I know I won't have any problems..
Diapers and wipes the hospital will have these for you and I would stock up on whatever they have and take what you can get since they're free (I just included these cause it's better to have them just in case) 
Bows.. hats.. mittens..socks and accessories are not necessary I just think they're cute I do recommend using the mittens because they will scratch their face.
I always like to bring a cute stuffed animal just because I think it's cute 
Diaper rash cream/ powder 
This is really all she needs the hospital has most of the items you will need except for these personal need for any breast-feeding items such as breast pump sense most moms at least breast-feed while you're at the hospital they do have diapers and wipes and pacifiers they provide you. Their blankets are really stiff and not soft so I always recommend bringing those. Basically the first two days you're in the hospital you're just holding your baby skin to skin ... Breast feeding and changing diapers. I would also recommend to have the car seat ready and play around with it so you know how to work it ...we didn't do this the first time around and it was more stressful leaving the hospital not knowing how to work the car seat. 

These are the super cute Christmas outfits I bought in case she is a Christmas baby! I couldnt help myself! 

November 24, 2015

DIY Nursery Closet Organization

DIY closet organization 
I got these super cute closet organizers off etsy and I love them!! They were only $11 & they are the perfect way to stay organized. I also love how as your baby grows you can order additional stickers to continue to stay organized for only $5. There are so many colors to choose from I picked pink & gray since our baby girls nursery is pink & silver. 

November 23, 2015

Sprinkle McKinleigh

I was so blessed to be sprinkled with so much love for our baby girl. My mom did a amazing job putting together my sprinkle and it was perfect. I am so blessed by all of our family and friends and McKinleigh is already so loved. I cant wait until shes here.