May 16, 2013

My Husbands Birthday:)

Baby Oral Care Gift from my BFFL

May 16, 2013

My best friend Leah sent me a mothers day care package! It was so sweet and she is a dental hygienist so she wanted to make sure our baby has the best oral care since shes his Aunt/God mother. She included a sonicare electric toothbrush, baby/kids flossers, oral gel ( i didnt know that you should floss their teeth even when they only have two teeth) Articles on how important babies 1st set of teeth are and how thumb sucking, pacifiers, and sippy cups can affect the formation of the teeth. ( I just love her she laminated/high lighted the articles for me) ;)

Breckons Baby Shower Ideas

May 1, 2013

Nursery Ideas

May 1, 2013

My husband loves to hunt and fish so I am going to do a modern lil buck themed nursery. I  found some cute ideas on Pinterest and decided the colors I want to use will be Grey, Turquoise/Mint, & Baby Blue. 

Daddy to be working hard;)

We were so excited to put the crib together!! He's so handy he did it so quick;) Cant wait until we have our dresser and start painting:)

Our crib is Baby Cashe- i got it brand new off craigslist for $300- a mom won it on the ellen degeneres show (mothers day special) and already had a crib so she sold it to me and they shipped it for free!! Nothing like a great deal saved us $250-. We are going to get our dresser from baby cash but we will use a coupon and were planning on using the same furniture for all of our babies(thats why we decided on a gender neutral style) we will redecorate for each baby but didnt want to have to buy new furniture for each one. 

I just loveee the crib its so cute!!