July 11, 2013

Honest Company

I decided I wanted to try Honest Company since they have all natural products and they ship diaper,wipes & baby necessities right to your door! SO I signed up for the free trail and  
I LOVED it! The products are amazing and I love how everything is all natural for my baby!
So I would highly suggest signing up for the free trail and seeing for yourself how this company is unlike any others!
Without our health, without our planet – we have nothing. It's serious business and we're in the business of making it better. Since our inception we've tried to re-think how to create a business that promotes health and sustainability. It's definitely a work in progress. There are many great models that we've followed and in some cases we've pioneered new solutions, but there is always room for improvement and we will always try to improve.

    Our vision of health & sustainability is to:

    • Reduce the ubiquitous presence of toxic chemicals in our our natural environment (air, soil, oceans, etc), man-made environments (homes, schools, offices) and our personal environments (industrial pollution inside our own bodies);
    • Protect natural resources by minimizing waste and maximizing use/re-use;
    • Support peace, security, and social justice; and,
    • Promote diversity and productivity through all facets of life – from cultural to ecological.
We are committed to operating with integrity & transparency, and with humble honesty, as we strive to always create better, do better, and be better.
Below you'll find both our current standards and what our dream goals are for the future.

    Product & Packaging

    We love plants and all things living. We design to maximize their usage in our products, and actively focus on minimizing the presence of petroleum in our products and packaging. One day (in the not-so-distant future) we strive to be 100% plant-based and sustainably-sourced, inside and out.
    With that goal in mind, we aim to:
    • Source natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable, pure raw materials for our products
    • Track all the materials, ingredients, and packaging used in our products to help us report on and understand trends in our cradle-to-grave impact
    • Reduce toxics in all products and packaging, adhering to Our Principles
    • Commit to dramatically reducing petroleum-based plastic (virgin) in our packaging
    • Use post-consumer resin (PCR) in our bottles
    • Specify and closely monitor the quality-control standards & protocols in our manufacturing to ensure highest quality, cleanliness, and overall product & ingredient integrity
    • Use re-usable packaging, higher post-consumer recycled or FSC-certified materials, shipping material, & fully recyclable pillow pack materials

    Business & Operations:

    We know a sustainable product isn't only what's inside or how it's wrapped, this includes how it's manufactured, employee work environments, waste management, energy usage, and much more.
    To excel in every facet, we focus on:
    • Ensuring all the electricity used in our headquarters and warehousing is from 100% renewable sources – we use 100% renewable California Solar (by purchasing REC) – reducing dependency on conventional fossil fuel energy (coal & petroleum) sources
    • Making efforts to continually reduce our carbon footprint by the way we run our business, and purchasing the necessary carbon offsets for operating our business operations, manufacturing, product shipping, and corporate travel at year end
    • Utilizing electronic and fully automated management systems to dramatically reduce paper, printing, and copying usage and supplies
    • Employing warehousing facilities that use natural daylight, energy efficient lighting, electric forklifts, and full recycling programs for all corrugate shipping boxes
    • Seeking partners who abide by our Supplier's Code of Conduct that addresses three major areas: human rights, environment, and documentation.
    Supplier's Code of Conduct: The supplier must comply with applicable environmental laws of their country, have a written environmental policy, and implement a system to minimize or eliminate negative impacts on the environment. Partners must: 1) Publicly disclose environmental impacts and activities upon request; 2) Eliminate toxic and hazardous substances from products and operations; 3) Increase efficiency and thereby minimize pollution and waste; 4) Reduce use of natural resources including raw materials, energy and water; 5) Take responsibility for proper waste management and any environmental problems associated with disposal of wastes.
    • Ensuring all built and renovated offices spaces utilize low-impact, non-toxic, and sustainable materials – from furnishings and water filtration, to interior lighting, no-VOC paints, and beyond
    • Incentivizing eco-friendly transportation like biking, ride-sharing, public transportation, and alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles
    • Seeking the most-credible suppliers and raw materials manufacturers who are geographically located as close to our operational headquarters as possible (micro is the new macro!)
    • Shipping efficiently by shipping as infrequently and as short of a distance as possible and by encouraging our customers to bulk order and avoid expedited shipping
    • Choosing ground shipping whenever possible, as expedited air frieght generally uses six times more energy than ground shipping (we offer air shipping, despite its high environmental impact, as we understand the need for customer satisfaction and convenience as one of our important business promises)

    Honest Goals

    It may be a bit unconventional to include goals directly in our business standards, but we never intended on being conventional. Listing our goals here serves three purposes: 1) It lets you know more about where we're headed; 2) Gives you an opportunity to dream with us (really, we'd love to hear your ideas); 3) And – honestly – when you make your goals public, you're much more likely to reach them.
    Let's be better by trying to:
    • Have ALL our body/personal care to meet the NSF standards ... we are half way there now
    • Because we love plants and because of their renewable & sustainable reality (not being a non renewable fossil fuel), have all our product, and our packaging, made entirely (yes – 100%) of plant-based materials
    • Have our company receive Cradle to Cradle Certification
    • Have our offices and warehouse LEED certified

July 7, 2013

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

I am a planner to say the least and love to be very prepared for everything. Just ask my husband when we travel my suitcase is ALWAYS over weight! So I figured I would try to keep my hospital bag simple and light weight since after our baby is here we wont want to have our hands full with a bunch of extra unnecessary stuff!  So the list of what I am bringing in my hospital bag is listed below:)
  1. TRAVEL BAG-I bought a cute travel Betsey Johnson Bag (since I didnt have one) Im  sure any over night bag would work just fine. 
  2. COMFY SWEATS-I got a victoria secret gift card from my hubby for mothers day so I thought it would be cute to wear some Pink comfy sweats after I am out of the ugly hospital gown. lol  So two pink shirts, yoga pants, boyfriend pants and a zip up jacket since I am always cold.
  3. CHEAP BOYSHORTS- I got three pairs from target for $1.50 a piece since I figured I would be throwing them away after I wear them. 
  4. SOCKS/SLIPPERS- I am bringing 2 pairs of socks and a comfy soft pair as well. Also a cheap pair of slippers. ( I am a germaphobe so after I will be tossing some of this stuff in the trash)
  5. NURSING BRAS/PADS- I got the cutest nursing bras from target that I have already posted about they were around $16.99.. Honestly I would just feel so not like myself if I had to wear ugly granny bras. My husband even thought they were cute! Looked just like the VS ones I already have he said;)  ( I am not wearing nursing tanks.. my best friend whos on her 4th baby nursed for 2 years said they were a waste of money so I am passing on those)
  6. FLIP FLOPS- Old Navy 2 for $5 I am a germaphobe like I said so I will not be showering in the hospital shower bare foot. So I have 2 pairs of flip flops I am bringing that I will toss when we get home. 
  7. BLOW DRYER/STRAIGHTNER/CURLER- If you need it I want my hair to look good for photos:)
  8. MAKE UP- This is a huge necessity lol I want make up on for our new family photos. 
  9. COSMETIC BAG- Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shaving cream, shaver, eye drops, contact solution, deodorant, body wash, face wash, qtips, hair ties, body spray & chap stick
  10. ROBE- If you feel you need it
  11. BLANKETS & PILLOWS- I am bringing a pillow with a old pillow case and a few soft blankets. 
  12. GUM- always a must
  13. IPOD, IPHONE,IPAD,& PHONE CHARGER ( if your in labor for a while these might come in handy)
  14. CAMERA/VIDEO CAMERA- for photos & videos of your new bundle of joy:)
  15. BIRTH PLAN- Good to have handy just so you can have the nurses read over it.