June 30, 2013

My Birth Plan

Ok so I figured I would share with yall some of the decisions my husband and I are making when it comes to our baby and my delivery. I dont judge anyone on what they do or the decsions they make when if comes to this topic. I personally think everyone should do what works best for them and at the end of the day its just a plan and you can only hope that everything will work out the way you would like. I felt that by educating myself and reading about different options that are available to you during pregnancy that my husband and I would do what we feel is right for us and our family. So I just wanted to be open and I have personal reasons on why I am making the decisions I am as far as my birth plan. If any of you have not watched the Business of Being Born I would highly recommend watching it!http://www.thebusinessofbeingborn.com/ I interviewed several doctors and decided since I am technically paying them to bring the most precious thing in the world to me into this world that I wanted to make sure they were on board with my birth plan. I was rejected by a few doctors due to my plan and finally found a dr who agreed to work with me and my birth plan. My doctor has several midwifes and if there are no complications ( praying that there is not) my midwife will deliver our baby boy.

My Birth Plan for Baby Miller
1. I am going to try to deliver my baby naturally with no epidural/pain medicines.
2. I am going to reach down and physically pull our baby out myself.
3. We are not immediately cutting the umbilical chord but are letting the chord pulsate and once the chord has completely pulsated my husband will cut the chord.
4. We are not letting the nurse take the baby and weigh and wipe him down but are choosing to have immediate skin to skin contact & begin to breast feed.
5. We will not bath our baby for at least a week.
6. They will not take the baby out of our sight unless there is a medical emergency.
7. I will labor in positions I feel that are comfortable ( not laying down.. but instead standing up .. or on a ball)
8. If the baby has not turned we will not consider a c section but will seek out alternative medicine such as acupuncture to naturally help the baby turn.
9. I will not be induced (unless myself or the baby is at risk) So no pitocin.
10. No Episiotomy
11. We are not doing a Vitamin K shot
12. No eye drops in our babies eyes ( I don't have any STDS this is the ONLY reason for the eye drops) I don't want any antibiotics in my babies body.
13. I am planning on breast feeding our baby. I know its challenging and I am hoping I will be able to and have a good milk supply. ( I did read that their are natural supplements you can take that will increase your milk supply) they are called Fenugreek and milkmaid tea

Thats my plan! My goal is the least amount of medical intervention as possible. I would suggest reading and educating yourself before your choose to do the "traditional" guidlines that doctors follow because I would not have thought I would have made some of the decisions that I am making had I not taken the time to read about what my options are.

June 18, 2013

Our Wedding Video!!!

So I would highly recommend when planning your wedding to hire a videographer. Other than to me my photos being the most important part (since I have the worst memory ever) of our wedding (since the day goes by so fast) I would have to say having a videographer is the 2nd most important thing to have. I love how you can relive your wedding day and can show your video to friends and family that could not be present on your special day. 
The wedding video makes a great memory!!
So without further ado here is our wedding video......

kyle tara from Corey Woosley on Vimeo.

June 17, 2013

Shutterfly (Im kinda Obsessed) LOL

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June 1, 2013

Our new family car!!:)

We decided it was time to trade in my Lexus and get a car that would be better for our growing family. I loved my car & it was great on gas but now that I have a SUV I dont know how I EVER lived without it. The Yukon is not good on gas but space inside make up for it;) Were so happy and cant wait to put Breckons car seat in it! 75 more days!!

My best friend from college came to visit& plan her wedding!:)

June 1, 2013
 My best friend from college came to visit our family for memorial day weekend! She is actually getting married here in FL on the beach and having her reception at the yacht club here in my hometown. We had so much fun planning, cake tasting, spending time at the pool, shopping and getting massages! I just wish she would move here. I posted some pics below of our weekend together.

Wedding on Lido Beach
(this is what she is wanting to do)

They took engagement photos when there were here

Everyday Makeup

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Here is a list of makeup that I use everyday to complete my look. Depending on how I am feeling sometimes I will do a darker smokey eye look but I usually don't go as dark for the day time & try to have a more natural look. 
Primer- I use a bunch of different primers 
Moisturizer with SPF- this is my staple I always have moisturizer with sunscreen on I love estee lauders moisturizer.
Foundation- Estee Lauder double wear I have used this for years and literally can't get away from it! I am always up for trying new types (brands) of makeup but when you love something you just cant get away from it! I literally apply in the morning & work out in the evening and I still have a full face of makeup on. 
Powder- MAC Studio Fix
Blush- MAC (I have several different ones just depends on my mood)
Highlighter- MAC
Bronzer- Two Face 
Eye Brows- Anastasia Brow Pencil
Eyes- MAC Eye Primer
Shadow-MAC/ Urban Decay
Eye Liner- Urban Decay
Mascara- Laurel Falsies or fake lashes (depends on my mood) 
Lips- Two Face Lip Liner
Lipstick- MAC - I go from Angel/Hue/Myth/Creme Cup
Lipgloss- MAC (Purr)