November 21, 2013

Our Birth Story

We have officially been blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy!! Breckon Garrett was born on Sunday the 15th at 9:26 only 16 minutes after we checked into the labor and delivery floor! He was 6lbs 14 ounces and 20 inches long.
I wanted to share our birth story with everyone so here it is!!:)  I went into labor Sunday night September 15, 2013.
We went to church on Sunday and had a family get together that afternoon. I was feeling great and not having any contractions! Or so I thought.. I was having some but I assumed they were Braxton hicks since I wasn’t due until Friday the 20th. My stomach started feeling a little heavy (like I wanted to hold it up) but other than that I felt really good. My husband and I came home and had cheerios and he made me some fish he had caught ( I know kinda a random dinner lol) and we watched a Duck Dynasty episode we had previously recorded. I started to feel some contractions but nothing painful so I decided to take a shower just in case he decided to come in the middle of the night. The next thing I know I am blow drying my hair and had to use the bathroom and I heard this popping noise( kinda like when your knee pops) but in my belly… SO I said to my husband baby  I kinda think my water might have just broke. I wasn’t sure since water didn’t really gush out.. So I continued to blow dry my hair and started getting real contractions… They were coming in waves and I would have to take breaks from blow drying my hair because they took my breath away. Of coarse I was not about to go to the hospital with wet hair lol so I was trying to dry my hair as fast as I could! Still I didn’t think they were that painful (since I could tolerate it) and wanted to labor at home since I hate hospitals. SO while I was in the middle of trying to download a contraction tracker my husband comes into the room and said we need to go now( he was wanting to leave based on hearing me when I would get a contraction) I then all of a sudden I felt like I REALLY needed to go to the bathroom and I know all of you mamas out there know what Im talking about……lol and some blood came out and so my husband said were leaving now.. We raced to the hospital and that’s when the pain started to get extremely strong and I knew my baby was coming. I was on all fours in the front seat trying to take the pain the best I could. We were running through red lights trying to get there as fast as we could. Meanwhile Im attempting to put my makeup on inbetween contractions lol I had no time and didn’t get very far with my makeup but at least I tried! Hah! We were trying to call my dr office to let them know we were on our way to the hospital they weren’t answering but thank goodness we didn’t get in touch with them because after I had my son my midwife said if I would have called she would have told me to labor at home a little since its so uncommon for anyone to have their 1st baby that fast! Finally we made it to the hospital and of coarse its late at night and we had no idea where to go since everything was locked up. So we went to the ER and I was walking as fast as I could to get in there since the pain started getting worse. They wanted to put me in a wheel chair and I wanted to walk but figured Id better get in the wheel chair since my husband said it would be faster. So we went racing up to labor and delivery. We got there and Im sure a ton of girls always say they think they are in labor so the nurses were not taking us seriously when I said  my baby is coming! Get me in there now( which you start to get very firm with people when your in this kind of pain lol) they took me in checked me in triage and said shes right your dilated to 6cm and his head is right there. I said I wanted to use the restroom so they let me go and were laughing because I am about to have my baby and wouldn’t sit on the toilet seat at the hospital. Lol I didn’t care how much pain I was in I was not about to sit on the seat! Haha So they rushed me into the delivery room and fortunately my husband and mom knew my birth plan (which thank goodness when my baby was crowning I told the nurses to get my mom since she was supposed to be in the room and the nurses at the hospital wouldn’t let her since they said they needed to check me in which never happened( I had no IV did no paper work.. they had no time for anything). My son was crowning and the nurse was telling me not to push since my dr wasn’t there yet and my midwife wasn’t either. My husband got a little freaked out because he could see our sons head and was thinking wheres the dr??! So the oncall dr made it in our room which I honestly don’t even remember his name! lol but he was super sweet! So the pain got worse but bearable! And I knew my son was coming! I pushed twice and his head was out and my husband told me to feel his head which was so cool. Then with two more pushes my son was out and taking his first breath! My husband remembered I wanted to wait to cut the cord which we did ( the chord completely pulsated and when my husband cut it just one little drop of blood came out) and I wanted my son placed immediately on my chest. My son latched on right away and nursed like a champ! It was unreal to see how alert he was I had NO drugs and I feel like I could do it all over again tomorrow! I had my placenta encapsulated so we had to make sure the nurses put it in a bag so we could put it in our cooler for my midwife to encapsulate it for me. The dr had to give me a episiotomy (which he said hes only done three in the past thirty years .. my husband says that was a compliment to me lol) But he was trying so hard to not have to do it and work our sons head out but it just wouldn’t come.. I had no numbing medicine when he cut me and didn’t feel that either. I actually felt the needle to numb me when they stitched me up more than being cut!  So after about a hour or less of labor & after16 minutes in the labor and delivery room and 4 pushes we welcomed our little bundle of joy! It honestly all happened so fast we were just in such shock and couldn’t even believe he was here already! We have never been so happy! he is perfect and were truly blessed! God answered all of our prayers and I feel so incredibly lucky!

On our way home (it had been raining the entire time  we were in the hospital) there was a double rainbow in the sky <3 God is so amazing <3

November 12, 2013