July 7, 2013

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

I am a planner to say the least and love to be very prepared for everything. Just ask my husband when we travel my suitcase is ALWAYS over weight! So I figured I would try to keep my hospital bag simple and light weight since after our baby is here we wont want to have our hands full with a bunch of extra unnecessary stuff!  So the list of what I am bringing in my hospital bag is listed below:)
  1. TRAVEL BAG-I bought a cute travel Betsey Johnson Bag (since I didnt have one) Im  sure any over night bag would work just fine. 
  2. COMFY SWEATS-I got a victoria secret gift card from my hubby for mothers day so I thought it would be cute to wear some Pink comfy sweats after I am out of the ugly hospital gown. lol  So two pink shirts, yoga pants, boyfriend pants and a zip up jacket since I am always cold.
  3. CHEAP BOYSHORTS- I got three pairs from target for $1.50 a piece since I figured I would be throwing them away after I wear them. 
  4. SOCKS/SLIPPERS- I am bringing 2 pairs of socks and a comfy soft pair as well. Also a cheap pair of slippers. ( I am a germaphobe so after I will be tossing some of this stuff in the trash)
  5. NURSING BRAS/PADS- I got the cutest nursing bras from target that I have already posted about they were around $16.99.. Honestly I would just feel so not like myself if I had to wear ugly granny bras. My husband even thought they were cute! Looked just like the VS ones I already have he said;)  ( I am not wearing nursing tanks.. my best friend whos on her 4th baby nursed for 2 years said they were a waste of money so I am passing on those)
  6. FLIP FLOPS- Old Navy 2 for $5 I am a germaphobe like I said so I will not be showering in the hospital shower bare foot. So I have 2 pairs of flip flops I am bringing that I will toss when we get home. 
  7. BLOW DRYER/STRAIGHTNER/CURLER- If you need it I want my hair to look good for photos:)
  8. MAKE UP- This is a huge necessity lol I want make up on for our new family photos. 
  9. COSMETIC BAG- Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shaving cream, shaver, eye drops, contact solution, deodorant, body wash, face wash, qtips, hair ties, body spray & chap stick
  10. ROBE- If you feel you need it
  11. BLANKETS & PILLOWS- I am bringing a pillow with a old pillow case and a few soft blankets. 
  12. GUM- always a must
  13. IPOD, IPHONE,IPAD,& PHONE CHARGER ( if your in labor for a while these might come in handy)
  14. CAMERA/VIDEO CAMERA- for photos & videos of your new bundle of joy:)
  15. BIRTH PLAN- Good to have handy just so you can have the nurses read over it. 


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