March 16, 2014


In the beginning....  Pumping and trying to figure it all out can be VERY overwhelming! I remember my husband and I sitting down after dinner one night trying to figure out the pump! I was thinking to myself.. How am I going to do this? Theres so much to know! But trust me it all becomes so much easier! I use the (medela pump and go)

This is my stash;) I would highly recommend getting a deep freezer especially if your going back to work in 3/4 months.. The breast milk will stay good in a freezer for.. 3-4 months & will stay good in a deep freezer for 6 months or longer. Since I knew I was going to be breastfeeding & pumping we got a deep freezer which has been Awesome!! You would be suprised at how much room those little milk bags take up in your freezer. 

I decided  to start pumping at about 2-3 weeks after our son was born. I wouldnt wait much longer than 4 weeks.. Your milk is caliberating the supply based on demand in the beginning(& through out the duration your breast feeding for but I figured after I researchedeverything-that this would be best for me. So once I had gotten the hang of nursing and my breast werent really sore anymore I began faithfully pumping every morning afterhis first feeding and every evening around 9pm. In the beginning I would pump 2-3 ounces from each breast and then over time I was able to pump 5-6 ounces from each breast. I definitely would he able to pump more milk in the mornings. So pumping just became part of my lifestyle. 

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