October 30, 2014

Cowboy Up its Breckons 1st Birthday

For Breckons Birthday we decided to make it a special day even though he might not remember it.. But we are big on celebrating birthdays and want to make all of our kids feel special on their day! So my hubby took off work we got lunch and took Breckon to Jungle Gardens! It was so fun & he loved looking at all of the animals. We had a family party with my mom& step-dad and gave Breckon his big birthday present which we got him a mini ranger ride on toy! He LOVES it! Then we had a party with all our family and friends. We did cowboy theme and it turned out so cute! It rained on the day of his party so a few of the outside things we had planned didnt work out.. But it was still a great day! 

His cake we had at his family party! He never cried! Everyone told me he probably would but he was so happy and loved that we sang to him;)
My lil cowboy!

I made a photo booth out of hay bales with a barn back drop and it turned out SO cute! 

My mom suprised Breckon with pony rides and he did sooo good! He smiled and stayed on the entire pony ride!

Here is the Big Birthday gift we got Breckon!!
Our lil country boy!

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  1. So cute! We are doing Boston's first bday in "Cowboys and Indians". He's only 6 months but I've been planning since he was born ;P I know they won't remember but it's such a huge milestone especially for us moms.

    And your family is so adorable.

    Summer Ann