October 18, 2015

DIY Monogrammed Wall Decor

Ok Y'all so I love monograms and decided to put one up in my little girls room... I contemplated buying one from pottery barn but there are only a few colors to choose from and they are priced at $149 so I didn't want to spend that much on the monogram so I decided to DIY one💁 I went to etsy and ordered the monogram from a shop and it was only $39.99 
Then I went to lowes and got the spray paint shown below... 
I ordered from a craft store the pearlized spray to add a shine to the paint. 
I LOVE how it turned out.. It's always a risk when I decide to DIY stuff because I'm so impatient and the least crafty person ever lol I would rather just buy the stuff already done! BUT I love to save money and who could beat this price of $60.00 instead of $149.99 from PB?! They are almost identical in size too! It turned out so good I was impressed with it and hopefully this will help yall save some money if you want to add a monogram to your nursery or children's room! 😊

 Color rosey cheeks 

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