June 1, 2013

Everyday Makeup

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Here is a list of makeup that I use everyday to complete my look. Depending on how I am feeling sometimes I will do a darker smokey eye look but I usually don't go as dark for the day time & try to have a more natural look. 
Primer- I use a bunch of different primers 
Moisturizer with SPF- this is my staple I always have moisturizer with sunscreen on I love estee lauders moisturizer.
Foundation- Estee Lauder double wear I have used this for years and literally can't get away from it! I am always up for trying new types (brands) of makeup but when you love something you just cant get away from it! I literally apply in the morning & work out in the evening and I still have a full face of makeup on. 
Powder- MAC Studio Fix
Blush- MAC (I have several different ones just depends on my mood)
Highlighter- MAC
Bronzer- Two Face 
Eye Brows- Anastasia Brow Pencil
Eyes- MAC Eye Primer
Shadow-MAC/ Urban Decay
Eye Liner- Urban Decay
Mascara- Laurel Falsies or fake lashes (depends on my mood) 
Lips- Two Face Lip Liner
Lipstick- MAC - I go from Angel/Hue/Myth/Creme Cup
Lipgloss- MAC (Purr)


  1. Love the blog!! What brand and style of falsies do you wear?! They look amazing!

  2. Where do you find Laurel falsies? Never heard of it.