November 25, 2015

What to pack in your hospital bag

So this time around I am so prepared and  already have my bags packed at 35 weeks... I had our son so fast I didnt want to take any chances of not being ready especially since everything is a little harder having a toddler around lol I definitely didnt over pack the last time and all the nurses were so impressed with everything I had brought with our son. I now know exactly what I need though and what I can do without from having our son. 
So heres my MUST haves for you first time mamas: 

Robe-( I could NOT WAIT to get that itchy hospital gown off.. Robes are soo comfy and allow easy access for nursing and skin to skin contact) 
Warm Socks/slippers- (the hospital is freezing & getting up barefoot on the cold floor is not ideal lol
Boyshorts- you will be bleeding for a couple weeks and this will be your best bet for keeping those huge granny pads in place..
Nursing bras/ tanks- makes it easier to get your boob out and at least your not braless when guests come in
Sweats / leggings/ tank- because lets be real you just gave birth & I doubt you will be ready for real clothes.. I know I wasn't & I left the hospital wearing yoga pants and felt so comfortable. 
Nipple cream& nursing pads- no matter who you are your nipples will be sore in the beginning from nursing & applying this cream in between feedings is a life savor.. Or you can just go with coconut oil one of my staples which also works great.
Pads/ panty liners- your literally just pushed a tiny human out of your vajayjay ok so you will be bleeding regardless if you had a c - section or vaginal birth there will be blood and it may last weeks I bought the large pads and some smaller panty liners to get me through the first month. The hospital will provide these but  its good to have some on hand too.
Tucks/ hemroid cream- from all of that pushing you may need some relief these work great and you will be so happy you had them on hand.
Numb Spray/ squirt bottle-(the hospital should provide these items make sure you ASK) you will need to spray you who ha with this spray to numb all the damage thats been done. It feels amazing and I cant imagine going without it.. The squirt bottle also helps clean you up down their everytime you go to the bathroom..
Additional Items I am also bringing/
Eye glasses (i wear contacts) , ipad, camera, iphone charger, essential oils for labor, makeup, hair stuff, all of my travel bathroom toiletrees. 

I use young living essential oils and love them! Not sure if I will diffuse them or just apply to my skin while in labor.

Here are some suggestions for Birth& Delivery Essential Oils

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