November 25, 2015

What to pack in your babies hospital bag

So this time around I am ready and from experience with our first baby I know what items are really necessary to have and which ones you can do without.
Items included in my baby girls bag are: 
Hospital outfit ( I am bringing several outfits only because it's winter in Florida and it could be hot or it could be cold and if she comes on Christmas I want to include a few Christmas outfits since I'm due 27 December)
Infanteenie Beenie (hospital hat) 
Swaddle Blankets (I use several brands some popular ones are aden&anais)
Warm blanket (blankets and beyond)
Boppy Pillow (helpful when breastfeeding)
Pacificers(I would not recommend introducing bottles or pacis until you have breastfeeding down.. Only bc it can cause issues with nipple confusion) I know how to breast-feed so I am definitely introducing the pacifier sooner as well as the bottle since I know I won't have any problems..
Diapers and wipes the hospital will have these for you and I would stock up on whatever they have and take what you can get since they're free (I just included these cause it's better to have them just in case) 
Bows.. hats.. mittens..socks and accessories are not necessary I just think they're cute I do recommend using the mittens because they will scratch their face.
I always like to bring a cute stuffed animal just because I think it's cute 
Diaper rash cream/ powder 
This is really all she needs the hospital has most of the items you will need except for these personal need for any breast-feeding items such as breast pump sense most moms at least breast-feed while you're at the hospital they do have diapers and wipes and pacifiers they provide you. Their blankets are really stiff and not soft so I always recommend bringing those. Basically the first two days you're in the hospital you're just holding your baby skin to skin ... Breast feeding and changing diapers. I would also recommend to have the car seat ready and play around with it so you know how to work it ...we didn't do this the first time around and it was more stressful leaving the hospital not knowing how to work the car seat. 

These are the super cute Christmas outfits I bought in case she is a Christmas baby! I couldnt help myself! 

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