December 28, 2015

Happy Due Date to Me!!

So yall my due date has come and gone!! I was due with our baby girl December 27th & she has yet to make her grand entrance..(she is my daughter & I am always late.. So what did I expect) lol so your due date is a total guess basically your dr can be off by two weeks give or take. They will admit that to you if you ask.. There is no way in knowing the "exact" due date.

I am having our baby girl naturally so unless im at 42 weeks & shes still not here I wont be getting induced! Almost every induction ends up in some sort of medical intervention.. & unless my babys life is a risk I dont think mother nature needs any help in getting her out! I cant imagine laboring all natural after being induced anyways.. Its painful enough as it is.. 

So we wait!

I was checked at 38 weeks I was 1 cm & 50% effaced

Did not get checked at 39 weeks

Was checked today at 40 + 1 day and was 3 cm 75-80% effaced

I had my son with no medical intervention at all at 39 weeks & 2 days. I actually never knew when the first day of my last period was bc I never kept track. 

But with this pregnancy I did and my due date is right in line with my first day of LMP. So bascially she could come any day now. 

I asked my midwife about due date and she said they have no way of knowing my exact due date.. Since she had then asked me If I was scheduled to be induced & I said no I am not going to do that unless im at 42 weeks or theres a major medical emergency... 

You are in complete control its your body your decision and your baby!! So if I havent had her by next week I will be 41 weeks Sunday they will do a stress test basically to cover themselves & make sure baby is doing fine. 

They kept telling me I was measuring small and should get another ultra sound but I Declined that as well... She caught up and im measuring fine... 

How I am attempting to induce labor naturally: 

Sex- definitely works how our son came so fast lol
Nipple Stimulation
Exercise/ walking/ going up & down our stairs/ doing squats
Warm baths- just to relax (i added lavender essential oils and epson salt) 
Bouncing on birth ball
Drinking red rasperry tea leaf hot tea with honey
Eating spicy foods & pineapple

If I still havent had her by the end of the week I will be doing these next options to induce labor naturally:

Primrose oil

Will possibly get my membranes swept
& then if all of these fail and im still pregnant at 42 + weeks I will scheduled to be induced! Hopefully little miss comes  soon & this wont have to be a option.

Come on baby girl!!!


  1. Ask about a Cook's catheter if you get close to 42. I had my #2 13 days "late" with some sweeping and the catheter. It was super annoying but just what we needed. The other tricks they had were there just in case but thankfully this non-invasive trick helped and she was born that night. Hopefully you can keep busy and not go too crazy.

  2. I was induced at 41 weeks & I would NEVER recommend it to anyone! Long, painful process & most lead to c section! I wanted to deliver naturally but didn't, I would tell anyone "overdue" to just wait it out! Your little girl will come when she's ready!