December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

We had such a relaxing Christmas this year! We were home all day which normally isnt the case since we have so much family! The month of December we must have had five different family Christmas events! So being home all day was so nice.

We always go to our churches candle light Christmas service which was amazing!! 

Breckon helped me put out cookies for Santa this year which was so fun!
We sprinkled homemade reindeer food on our lawn so santa reindeer didnt miss our house! 
He was excited to have a cookie lol 
Christmas morning it wasnt very cold here in FL (80 degrees) so in the south we crank the air down have a fake fire & pretend its freezing outside lol 

I couldnt wait for him to wake up!!!

Loved these Target Christmas Pjs we
Wore this year! I love family traditions and I just cant get enough of Christmas PJs!! 

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