February 18, 2016

Silk Pillow Case

Ok yall so after having a baby those long sleepless night begin to wear on you & lets face it I will take all the help I can get after having a baby to prevent hair loss, wrinkles, those awful night sweats..  I was trying to find a way to prevent my hair from breaking from laying in the bed all the time nursing her and sleeping with my hair up. So after some research I discovered sleeping with a silk pillowcase may do the trick!! Read below the reasons why sleeping with us silk pillowcase benefits you: 

Have you ever dreamt of waking up each and every morning with perfectly smooth non-frizzy hair and a silky feeling skin? A silk pillowcase made from natural hypoallergenic silk is the answer to your bed-head and creased morning skin. Wake up feeling totally refreshed and beautiful!


Most importantly, it has been provebthat silk prevents ageing! Silk contains a natural protein and 18 essential amino acids. Studies have shown that amino acids can counter the effects of ageing, especially in the facial skin and can help calm the nervous system. Silk also contains natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells – thus helping to reduce signs of aging.

Unlike cotton (which is an absorbent fiber and draws moisture), silk will not absorb natural moisture from your face and hair, or facial beauty creams while you sleep. It therefore allows for more efficient use of night creams, providing better skin hydration which a clearer skin as the end result.

Temperature regulator

Silk is a natural heat regulator, maintaining the correct body temperature. It does not conduct heat or static electricity like other fibers. Heat is retained during cold temperatures and redundant heat is shed during warm temperatures, keeping your skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter.>

Health benefits

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, making it a must for asthma patients and allergy sufferers – especially those with eczema – helping sensitive, dry or itchy skin.

For asthma and allergy sufferers, there are many triggers such as chemicals and common indoor allergens which can aggravate both diseases. Medical experts advise that reducing exposure to allergens and irritants, such as dust mites and formaldehyde should be a critical part of patient’s asthma and allergy management plan.

For travelers with asthma and allergies, managing their exposure to allergens when they are away from home can be a challenge. Many bedding items contain unwanted chemical ingredients and finishes from manufacturing, and most bedding accumulates common indoor allergens during everyday use. 

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