April 2, 2016

Our Baby Girl is 3 Months Old

I cant even BELIEVE she is already 3 months old... I swear with baby number 2 the time is flying by and I am loving seeing McKinleighs personality shine through. She is such a easy baby! I am so lucky and know that I was due for a easy baby after Breckon( who was colic, reflux, and high need) 
She has the sweetest personality and I just feel like I know her already.. like we are have been friends forever.. She is up more during the day now so I am getting to spend more time with her. I never knew what it was like to have a baby that sleeps more than 1-2 hour stretches. She is in her bassinet at night still next to my bed and I have been letting my hubby give her a bottle so when we start going on date nights she is used to taking a bottle ( and not nursing to sleep) Breckon would have never taken a bottle or paci so this is such a nice break and I am really trying to establish a routine with her.. Its so different after you have your second baby your so much more sure of yourself and trust all of your mommy instincts. I feel like you know what to expect and going from 1-2 has been SO easy. She holds her head so good .. smiles... coos .. reaches for things ...and loves her daddys kisses.


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