April 12, 2016

Breastfeeding{lip tie how I had to relearn all over again}

Breastfeeding normally comes really easy for me.. I nursed our son for over two years.. You would think I would know what I'm doing and would be pro at breast-feeding thing let's just say lip tie with our daughter threw me a curve ball... Thank goodness I had known about lip tie or  I would've had to exclusively pump {to all the mamas out there that do this.. Your my hero!!!} It was day three coming home from the  hospital .. My milk still had not come in yet but I noticed our daughters urine was dark and she was not giving me enough wet diapers... When I breast-feeding my only concerns are wet diapers and poopy diapers I know that if my babies have this I'm doing what I need to do so in her case I started to freak out & I sent the photo (below) to a friend of mine and she referred me to a pediatric dentist who does laser lip tie revision I made an appointment immediately and we drove an hour to have this revision done because I knew it was the best thing for my daughter after researching and finding out that she could have a gap it could affect her teeth and speech.. Was what we needed to do and if we waited longer or until she was older after six months they have to sedate them so we chose immediately fix the lip tie & have the revision. After the revision she latched much better and we were able to nurse and not have any problems it was the best decision that I made and I am so thankful that I did all my research and had I not known about lip tie I probably would've had to pump or supplement. 

(Also BEST app for nursing mamas below.. Baby nursing app) 
I would have lost it with out this tracker seriously its a life savor!! 

To all you pregnant & nursing mamas please look into this because nursing isnt supposed to be painful.. Yes the first 2 weeks are HARD and it will hurt.. After this you should not be im pain.. Educated yourself on breastfeeding.. Several mamas have told me how their drs said their babies didnt have this and it wont affect your supply.. Trust me it will!!! I never had the issues I had with our daughter with our son.. (He did not have lip or tongue tie) so I know it can definitely affect your supply... 


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