June 17, 2016

Marriage Weekend with my Hubby in St Pete

Yall we escaped for a weekend getaway!! I cant even believe we were able to do it! Can I just say it was AHHHMAZING! Every married couple needs to do a marriage weekend. We did this through our church and I can honestly say it was the best weekend I have had with my husband other than our wedding weekend. We were totally able to reconnect and get our focus back to us. Having babies makes it so hard to stay focused on your marriage and its normally the first thing to go on the back burner. I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together! My favorite quote for the weekend was "marriage is a reflection of your relationship with Jesus" God has to be first and your husband has to be before your children. Trust me I know its soo hard especially when they are little... We have been so guilty of not spending enough alone time together. There is always a easy excuse.. but I can say our date nights are definitely going to be a priority for us! Also I know it can get expensive you dont have to go out to eat just grabbing a coffee and watching the sunset or going on a walk and giving each other the chance to talk with out all the interruptions. I will say marriage was easy for us before we had kids ... once we had kids that was the game changer for us. No one has a perfect marriage and it takes so much work. Its so easy to fall in love but so hard to stay in love... because its loving your husband day in and day out ... the day to day that no one sees but you. Your exhausted.. completely drained and the last thing you feel like doing is putting your husbands needs before yours but you have to. Its the little things and making him feel loved and making your home a place he wants to come home too after a long day at work. Its welcoming him home with open arms, a smile, & a kiss!

Date night! We didnt really have our phones for the weekend which was nice!
We had dinner at the Birchwood in St Pete
I had to take a selfie lol I dont get dolled up too much anymore

This roof top bar had amazing views! 

We renewed our wedding vows too
The marriage 10 commandments

Here are our date night questions we had

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