August 24, 2013

Baby Necessities

I wanted to show y'all what I purchased/registered for and received for our baby shower. These baby items are the ones that I felt were most necessary especially talking to all my other mamas that have multiple babies! I went with a more neutral color for everything in case we have a girl next I thought it would be best to do gender neutral so I can use everything for all of my babies! Its very overwhelming when your registering for everything and it can make you really stressed out feeling like you need everything! But I would just say take a deep breath, dont procrastinate, & have your baby shower early enough so you have time to make returns, and can run around and get all the additional baby items you need. From the nursery, clothes, car accessories, diapers, bottles, and everything else thats on your checklist it can be very expensive. So I would recommend using coupons and shopping at stores like TJmaxx and Marshalls. I found so many cheap baby items at these stores! 


  1. What brand/model stroller did you get? Did you get one that fits your car seat? I think it would be easier... but I'm still considering all options.

  2. I got my stroller at buybuybaby its called the city select and its honestly the best stoller! Yes the car seat can attach you just have to buy a car seat adapter! This
    Stroller is amazing especially if your planning on having more than one baby! Its pricey but I think its worth it

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