August 12, 2013

My Birthday!!

So its my birthday & birthdays are officially no fun the older you get lol ...i had to work all day but then had a fun evening with my family:) We went out to dinner at bonefish& back to our house for dessert. My mom ordered me the cutest cake and made me homemade chocolate covered strawberries& chocolate covered pretzels! They were SO good!! I am splurging this last month being preggo & eating all the sweets that I want because after I have our baby boy its back to the clean eating and my usual workout routine;) i want to be a healthy mom & raise a healthy family! Some photos from my birthday...
Loveeed my cake!! Didnt want to even eat it!

Chocolate covered strawberries made by my mama! 
Love her<3
                   Me & the hubby!!
All my pretty flowers :) 
My mom and Rick

Ok so getting older isnt that bad!! Lol everyones going to get there at some point! Just cant get over how fast time flies!! 

Someone photo bombed my cam! Lol crazy hubby hes too cute:) 

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