August 23, 2013

What to pack in your babies diaper bag

Being a mom to be can be so overwhelming with feeling like you need to have everything and be so prepared for your new bundle of joy. Thats how I felt at least! So since most of my girl friends all have babies I decided I would ask them what products were their favorite & what baby items were really "necessary". I will put this list together and have a new post for all of the baby items that I purchased. So for my hospital bag I decided I wanted to be completely prepared ( I ALWAYS over pack) so I wanted to just simplify what our baby boy would need in the hospital and make sure I had just about anything that he would need. I loved packing his diaper bag because everything really started to feel real!
So items that I am bringing to the hospital........

1. Diaper Bag- I got a Betsey Johnson one and will also probably splurge on a designer bag since this will be my new purse lol... I just haven't fallen in love with any specific diaper bag yet so I am just waiting until I find the right one...
2. Bobby- this is a must have for nursing 
3. Diapers- Extra just in case 
4. Wipes
5. Diaper Rash Cream
6. Nursing pads
7. Diaper Bags for used Diapers
8.Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream
9. Pacifiers 
10. Mittens
11. Hats 
12. Clothes ( which I am bringing 2 gowns one onesie and a monogrammed gown that I ordered for his going home outfit)
13. Socks
14. Bottles ( I am planning on nursing but just in case)
15. Aden+Anais Swaddle Blankets 
16. Receiving  Blankets
17. Burp Cloths
18. Teddy Bear ( his first teddy) not necessary but too cute a definite must have. 
19. Blankets and Beyond- My favorites!! SO soft they carry them at BuyBuy Baby
20. Sophie - she is not necessary but cute for pics!


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  2. Sure!! I would love that!:) thanks so much!

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