August 4, 2013

Boy Oh Boy Our Baby Shower

I decided to have our baby shower when I was 32 weeks..just so I wouldnt be as stressed and could enjoy the final weeks of my pregnancy. This way I could figure out any other baby items that we would need. I am so happy I don't procrastinate because everything takes so much time and I hate rushing around last minute panicking and buying items when if I didn't wait I could shop around and get the best deal. (I am already planning all of his newborn photos and the props) lol I had to go through everything and also make some returns. This was my fault due to the way I registered for our baby. I need to learn to prioritize and not get carried away with that little machine they give you lol Fortunately were extremely blessed with amazing friends and family! Babies are so expensive and this is just the beginning! So we felt so blessed to almost have received everything that we needed for our little angel. My mom and mother in law took care of our shower which we rented a room in a restaurant (since it was a open house with more than 50 people) it was just easier this way. We did the decor ourselves and bought most of our decor from Etsy and LTM. The rest of the stuff was left over from my wedding and other showers! So save all of that stuff because it comes in handy!;) I love to decorate for parties but it can get expensive so I would try to do as much DIY stuff as possible and keep it simple. All my shower ideas came from Pinterest which I am obsessed with Pinterest and would would be lost with out it lol

BOY OH BOY our Chevron themed cake

My Beautiful mom:) (the me maw to be)

Loved all the cute lil boy outfits! My fav places to shop for lil baby boy clothes is Baby Gap, Old Navy, Marshalls and Tjmaxx:)

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